I am A Little Teapot – That Famous Nursery Rhyme

Even if you are a grown up adult, it is quite likely that you will remember a number of nursery rhymes. Most of them are extremely nostalgic and they keep moving from one generation to another.

In a world of computers and the internet there is no denying the fact that these rhymes still continue to inspire millions across the world. One such rhyme is I’m a little pot. This continues to be highly popular even today. It appeals to the children because of a number of reasons. First and foremost it is a rhyme which takes the child to its everyday life in a home.

Almost all homes do have teapots and they do make shrieking and piercing noises as the water inside it boils and become hot. This could invoke curiosity in some children and in some others it could even arouse fear. But at the end of the day it continues to be popular even after so many decades and it has certainly stood the test of time and passed down from one generation to another.

In the good old days when the visual medium was not available, the little pot song was sung by the teacher and parents and actions were done to explain it to the little kids. However, with the arrival of TV and various other multimedia technology it is now possible to enjoy the song in the home on personal computers, lap tops and even mobile phones. Kids would most certainly find the new avatar quite interesting and it could also be played in public places like gardens, parks, zoos and other such places.

Hence at the end of the day there is no doubt whether it is about the little tea pot making that shrill noise or pouring the tea on the tee cups, the quintessential tea pot will continue to fascinate many thousands of young kids with its wonderful song.

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