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7 Sep 2007

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Albina Koliqi, 22, is one of the psychologists working for Terre des hommes in Kosovo. Since May, she was preparing the summer camps with other partners in three cities. 359 children participated to the activities, from which 148 children from both parts of Mitrovica (North and South). Witness from the field…

364__kosovo__because_they_live_a_life_more_like_adults_not_like_children_0_small Albina Koliqi: We have organised the summer camps in three counties of Kosovo, one in Mitrovica, in Gjakova and in Fushe Kosova. Have participated 359 children considered as ‘at risk’.

The specifics of these summer camps were that, each day, the number of children participating to the camps was increasing. So we finished the camps with very large numbers. For example, In Fushe Kosova, we started the first day with 38 children, and we finished the last day with 99 children. So the interest of children to participate to these summer camps was very very big!

And you organized the summer camps also with other NGOs, no?

Albina Koliqi: Yes, we had collaboration with three NGOs. One in Mitrovica: “Roma Women for Roma Women”. The next was “Iniciativa 6” in Fushe Kosova, and the last one in Gjakova: “Bethany Service Christian” NGO

What were the results of the summer camps?

Albina Koliqi: First of all, the dissociation of children from street situation. After raising awareness of communities and local authorities about the phenomenon of children exploitation in the streets! Children interact with each other because the categories of children that participated to these camps were children identified as children begging in the streets, so they had really less social life! They need to have more interaction with their peers, with their friends, because they live a life more like adults not like children…

I understood also that some of the children who participated to the summer camps are now registered at school, is that correct?

Albina Koliqi: Yes. In the camps, most of the children who participated were children identified as in street situation, but one part of the children who participated to the camps were children going to school. So the purpose was to collaborate with each other, to be friends and to tell each other that school is important, and that children who don’t go to school have to go to school.

Very shortly, how many new children have been detected either from you, either from the NGOs you work with?

In the summer camps, from TACT Team, were identified 43 children, and there are 106 children that were referred by implementing partners, NGOs. These children were ‘at risk’, their status were ‘at risk’…

When you say “at risk”, it means?

Albina Koliqi: It means they can be exploited by their families, by their relatives, or by others…

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