Moldova Children and teachers from Chisinau, Ungheni and Soroca experiment new games!

Project : MOVE 17 Oct 2008

1019_move_moldova_1_light_sml_small Move project in Moldova – for the 16 participants (23 to 46 years old), 12 teachers and 2 social workers from Chisinau, Ungheni and Soroca areas, as well as the MOVE national project manager and the responsible person at Tdh-Moldova for children activities, the 2-weeks “Movement, Games and Sport as a Psychosocial Tool” training was a draft of fresh air and shared laughter.

The fact that the participants of this mixed group were selected through interviews – an unusual procedure to take part in a training in Moldova – was a key element for its success.

Taking place in two different residential places in the beautiful Moldovan countryside with at-hands sport facilities, the group could completely immerse in their new learnings about physical activities and psychosocial topics.

The unique methodology of the MOVE project, which focuses on experimentation and expression of one’s feelings and opinions through frequent feedbacks, was a new and welcomed experience for the participants. An opening, as exhilarating and intimidating maybe, in Moldova.

The peak of the training was the implementation of physical activities with children amazed to experiment new games with different animators throughout a sunny day. The positive overall feedback focuses on the personal growth, as well as on the acquirement of new professional knowledge and experiences, which will be implemented soon in 12 different communities around the country.



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