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2886_20120217_151252_smallFebruary 16-17, 2012, Chisinau, Moldova: The main partners of the Transnational project gathered in the office of Terre des hommes in order to discuss the procedures used in repatriating children, the advantages and disadvantages of the different repatriation agreements (The Agreement from Volvograd in 1993 and the Agreement from Chisinau in 2002). Most Eastern European countries have already signed the Convention of the Rights of the Child, but the procedures and the actions towards children and the process of their repatriation is still in the process of review.

In order to improve the quality of social services in this matter, Tdh is planning to continue its actions in a new phase of the Transnational project, in collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family (MLSPF), with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

During the planning workshop, the topics discussed touched some sensitive issues like the lack of good specialists in the child care system (due to the constant turnover of staff) or the misinterpretation of principles, the use of tools and understanding of procedures.

One of the focal points in the discussion was the best interest of the child, which is sometimes excluded from the equation when repatriating one. Until the year 2008 the repatriation process was held with no regard to the child’s best interests. Now, that the cases are being managed also by the MLSPF, the best interests of the child principle becomes important and the actors involved in the process have to be aware of it. Understanding what this means, how to successfully ensure the inclusion of the child in the decision making process is one of the things that Tdh tries to guide and explain to key stakeholders
2885_20120217_151244_small The MLSPF expressed its wish to continue having the Tdh’s assistance in the process of implementing the protection of child rights and the child’s best interest, as they find the trainings provided to be very suitable and effective.

The results of the project up to this point were presented by Dorina Ardeleanu, the Transnational Project coordinator. She also highlighted some new elements for the next phase, like working more with the Moldovan Diaspora in the Russian Federation, a social group that is still under-valued, and so far no state or non-governmental organisation has acquired a real understanding of it. Tdh is appreciated by the Russian authorities and the Moldovan Embassy, being an active partner in the child repatriation process and it offers effective tools and counselling in this matter.

SDC, which may provide the financial support for the project, is also one of Tdh’s long-time partners. It maintains an active collaboration in order to promote and sustain positive changes.

2884_20120217_151234_small One of the downside of the new phase of the project is that it will only last for 18 months, which is a relatively short period for implementing all the goals that Tdh has planned for. This is why the main interest will be focused on establishing relations, improving the existing ones and making new contacts and training specialists in a sustainable way. (MS)


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