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Project : MARIO 26 Mar 2012 child rights

2902_kosovo_assessment_smallMarch 26, 2012, Prishtina, Kosovo: In the frame of Mario project, Terre des Hommes – Delegation in Kosovo, organized the launching of the publication: Summary of Laws that protect Children’s Rights in the Republic of Kosovo. It is a new tool which will be put at the disposal of partners from public institutions at central and local levels and also different organizations, working in the child protection field.

This document has been published in Albanian and English languages and provides all the necessary laws and articles which are related to the protection of the children’s rights. The expert, who worked and prepared the publication, has also presented some conclusions according to the actual legal framework on child protection and at the same time some recommendations on how to further improve it in the best interests of the child.

The launching event was attended by a considerable number of representatives from various public institutions such as the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the Office for Good Governance near the Prime Minister Office, the Department of Social Welfare and also various national and international organizations, members of the NGO Coalition on Child Protection.

All the participants applauded such a necessary document, considering it as a very important and relevant tool which will be helpful in their daily work. They stated that all actors working in child protection should have such document in their offices which guarantees a very fast and easy access to the legal framework on child protection. (K.V.)


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