Moldova Feeling stiff after MOVE-ing - last training in Moldova ensures continuity

Project : MOVE 21 Oct 2011 psychosocial

2626_vadul_smallVadul lui Voda, Moldova, 26th-28th of September, 2011: Gaël Rennesson, the MOVE regional coordinator for Moldova, Romania and Albania organized his last training in Moldova. After three days of training, the once animators became the coaches of the next groups of trainers, this being the final step of the project – ensuring sustainability at a local level. While the project may end, the methodologies, the fun of the games, the psychosocial development of the children (and their parents) are continuing. The Moldovan local staff already has all the tools needed to continue their work towards making a better future for children, enlarging their horizons and enriching their world.

Dina Sostacov, a teacher from Soroca district, describes the training and the experiences related to becoming a trustworthy member of Tdh community with enthusiasm: “This was an amazing training. Of course we already have some competences, but anything that’s offered to us is welcomed. A teacher is always enriching his knowledge and we all want to learn more things all the time, this way becoming a better person and mentor for the children.”
The only complaints about the training that may have been heard were about the aches resulted from the sport activities. “I could beat the fatigue, as all this sport is very good for my health and my good mood. The energy that I got from this training will be sufficient for a good amount of time.” declares the highschool principal from Ungheni Irina Bodruc. “I liked the ambiance, the good mood and the whole organization was great. We didn’t have time to get bored or to regret the fact that we came here.”

“I wish success to all of my colleagues and to say that they are doing everything right. And the volunteering that I’m doing is for the sake and wellbeing of the children, because we are the ones that have to bring a beam of light into their life.” – she added, expressing the common opinion of the whole group. (MS)


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