Hungary Successful film night in Budapest

Project : MARIO 16 Nov 2011

2656_long_way_out_smallBudapest, Hungary, November 14, 2011: In the framework of the project Mario, close to sixty professionals and friends gathered at a small movie theater to view – for the first time in Hungary – the documentary of Clara Ott “The Long Way Out”. The reception of the film was quite positive and the audience viewed the film attentively, raising lots of interesting questions after it: they wanted to know more about the work of the Foundation NPF (Ndihmë Për Fëmijët) and how the transnational action started in Albania. Discussion also circled around specific programmatic questions like when and how you stop working with children once they turn 18, where to reintegrate victims of trafficking if their parents were involved in the trafficking and about the gender dimension of child trafficking.

While it will not be shown to the public, discussion are already underway about showing the film to specific professionals in Hungary – members of the referral system – as part of their training programs. Once funds permit, Hungarian subtitles will be added to allow non-English speakers to view and benefit from the experience. There will be further events with specific groups of people, including development NGOs, Ministry officials and others in an effort to raise awareness and generate debates about child trafficking in Hungary. [JA]


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