Albania Terre des hommes CEO visits Albania

Project : Albania 30 Mar 2012 child rights child wellbeing protection systems

2908_dscn5551_smallAlbania, March 14-17, 2012: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Terre des hommes (Tdh), Mr. Peter Brey, paid a visit to the Tdh Delegation in Albania to learn more about its work and the activities organized to support Albanian children in need or at risk of trafficking and exploitation, and their families. When asked to share his impressions or observations he said that his second visit to Albania had been a distinctive one as it had allowed him to experience in full a ‘system of child protection’, the existence and strengthening of which is a commitment of Terre des hommes’ Foundation. It had granted him an opportunity to see in practice a model which he had been studying and working on theoretically for quite some time. “This visit to Albania gave me the opportunity to be in contact with all constituent elements that make up this ‘system of child protection’,”he said.

For Tdh, a child protection system is a coherent set of actions and actors, in which the child is the starting point and which aims to guarantee the rights and well being of the child by constructing synergies within and between protective environments. For Terre des hommes in Albania achieving a functioning statutory child protection system means working with local and central level institutions and actors which have a role in protection and can help ensure the promotion and protection of child rights and their well-being, no matter what the circumstances.

2907_dscn5536_smallSome of the activities which had occupied Mr. Brey’s agenda included meetings with representatives of national and local governments as well as Tdh donors and partners to discuss the current situation of Albanian children, matters concerning their protection and the lack of accessible quality services in the country for children and their families. He had joined in a Multidisciplinary Group Meeting organized by the Child Protection Unit Worker of Fier region where he had learned of the difficulties facing some of the most vulnerable children and their families, living especially in the Roma and Egyptian communities of Fier. In addition, he had visited the facilities of Tirana’s ‘Zyber Hallulli’ Residential Institution and those of ARSIS Tirana shelter and had spoken with staffs and children accessing services in these institutions.

During his meeting with Tdh staff he learned of the positive outcomes of the work of Tdh in Albania and with them he examined some major challenges for the future. Affirming to have acquired extensive information which will help reconcile his knowledge and understanding of the situation in Albania, Mr. Brey expressed his gratitude for the work of the staff and Delegate by saying: “I am impressed with the work accomplished in Albania given the circumstances and challenges facing this country. You can really witness the positive differences which the work of Tdh has helped make a reality, in these past 10 years. Inspiring is also the dedication of all of the staff in tackling the negative phenomena affecting children here and the passion with which they support victims.”

Finally he was calling on the Albanian government for a holistic, integrated and inter-sectorial approach to child protection . “Child protection is not easy to achieve and cannot be accomplished overnight. It is the result of a chain of events which requires the right intervention in which the child is the reason to be and the starting point. So I think the Albanian state needs to stop hiding in all of these administrative divisions and start taking leadership and exercising authority so that actions and interventions which protect children can be properly implemented and functioning.” [FG]


  • Julinda Vokopola 2012-04-03 12:09

    I agree with all recommendations of Terre des hommes CEO, especially last paragraph. The work of TDH in Albania , SCiA and other organizations is well done, but the steps made by governments aren’t synchronized. That’s the problem! So the chain has is weak and in difficulty.
    Thank you

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