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2334_ksenia_smallIlina Ksenia, child protection coordinator of Tdh Moldova in Moscow, talks about the changes in the situation of foreign unaccompanied children – mostly Moldovan children – in Russia, during her visit to Moldova, March 2011.

How long have you worked for Tdh Moldova?

IK:Four years.

What’s the purpose of your visit to Moldova and what are your main goals here?

IK: Now we had three central problems to discuss with the Transnational Action project: first trainings with guardianship authorities in Mosow and the Moscow region. They will take place in May. An important workshop will be organized with Russian government bodies, with Tdh and with Russian NGOs. Second the analysis of Russian law to assess the gaps and opportunities in protecting the rights of foreign children. And third the elaboration of a Guide for social centres in Russia providing assistance to foreign unaccompanied children. This guide will serve as a model to prepare a child for repatriation.

What’s your opinion about the situation of foreign children in Russia?

IK: I think now it is much better because looking back to the situation in 2006, there used to be less understanding since specialists didn’t know where to call or write on Moldovan unaccompanied children cases and they did not know who could help them. Now they know Tdh, the consulate, the Ministry and that these organisations can help and that they should collaborate with them. The information about Tdh has spread throughout all internal government bodies and shelters. Russia is so huge but we are known for example up to Siberia.

Can you detail some concrete measures undertaken by the Russian government to support children from Moldova?

IK: For example I would like to tell about a new law in Moscow (about guardianship). For us it is a very good support from the government. This law promotes interaction between Russian authorities and the Moldovan Embassy on protecting abandoned children. So our trainings which are going to take place in May are based on this new law.


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