Old MacDonald Had a Farm-The Best Rhymes Song for Kids

Children and kids love animals and therefore it is quite natural that we come across dozens of nursery rhymes and songs which are woven around different types of animals. In fact if we look at some of the iconic Walt Disney movies and comics they also are centered round animals. Hence, it would not be a bad idea to have a look at a few nursery rhymes which are related to animals. When we talk about animals, we would mostly like our kids to be associated with domesticated ones. These include cows, pigs, horses, dogs, cats and so on. We will in this articles look at the famous rhymes running by the name Old Macdonald Had A Farm.

What The Song Is All About

The song revolves around a character called Old Macdonald who has his own farm. When we talk about farms we obviously will have many animals like cows, piglets, ducks, horse, lamb, chickens, just to name a few. The best thing about this song Old Macdonald had a farm is that it not only introduces a number of animals to the kids but also teaches them the kind of noises which each one of them make. For example when talking about cow the phrase moo is used to describe the sounds made by cows. In the same light when one talks about duck, phrases like quack, quack are used. When it comes to pigs, the sounds oink, oink is used.

How To Get The Best Out Of It

The best way to enjoy this song as a teacher is to look for a suitable audio visual file. If you look around the internet and search in sites like YouTube, you will be able to come across graphic song representations. They will be an instant hit with the kids and they certainly will know more about animals compared to other modes of teaching.

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