Rain Rain Go Away – A Wonderful Kid’s Song

Children of all ages and the young kids in particular have a fascination for rain and when they keep seeing for the first few times their excitement certainly knows no bounds. However, they may not know exactly what rain is all about. Hence it would not be a bad idea to explain to it with the help of a rhyme.

While the endeavor is to help the little ones understand the meaning and significance of rain, it also is about the negative impact of rain. Rains usually mean staying indoors and children would not like to be restricted indoors. Yes, in today’s world staying hooked to mobile phones or computers is becoming a norm. But there are many children who would like to spend time outside with their friends.

Hence this song is about asking the rain to go away and requesting it to come another day. It also tries and recreates the scene where the rain perhaps is preventing daddy to play with the kids. It also talks about the willingness of the mom to spend some time playing with the kid. The rhyme progresses from one member of the family to the other and ends up with brothers and sisters.

While asking the rain to go away for now, the rhyme however, underscores the need for it co e again because life without rain for long periods of time can be dangerous to say the least. It teaches the importance of rain while at the same time asks it to be merciful on the little kids and their family members. All the rhyme wants is to choose a different time to pour down instead of disturbing their play time. Hence there is no doubt that it is a rhyme on rain which has quite a few beautiful nuances attached to it.

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